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Ball Weight: 3 LBS (1.4...
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Ball Weight: 6 LBS (2.7 KG) Ball Diameter: 6.6 IN (167.6...
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Ball Weight: 10 LBS (4.5 KG)...
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Ball Weight: 15 LBS (6.8 KG)...
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Ball Weight:3 LBS (1.4KG) +...
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Ball Weight:6 LBS (2.7 KG) +...
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Ball Weight:10 LBS (4.5 KG)...
$555.00 Sale Regular price $630.00
Ball Weight:3 LBS (1.4 KG)...
$479.00 Sale Regular price $565.00
Ball Weight:3 LBS (1.4 KG)...
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build muscle, Decompress your joints, optimize your throwing.
Here's What Others Are Saying
Alex B.

My clients love using it - great tool to bring to an outdoor area and get a complete workout with versatility in movement, as the body learns more connections you can continue to create more challenging sequences.

- Alex B. -

Jose R.

It’s a great tool for building strength and working on parabolic movements. A must in my future studio. Happy clients with great results. The material of the Paraball, I think its gonna last forever.

- Jose R. -

Shannon H.

Excellent quality. Every tornado style rope ball I have purchased I have busted within a few weeks. I am extremely confident that I won’t be needing to purchase another Paraball. The material of the ball is perfect. Also the ropes are much softer on the hands.

- Shannon H. -

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